NEWS – a Slovak concept Siebert + Talaš have a new website


SIEBERT + TALAŠ proudly present the launch of their new website. The fresh format is much more visual. You can browse through information not only about projects which SIEBERT + TALAŠ designed and realized but also about their team and way of work ( we work). Moreover, we added a new webpage entitled Blog News reporting on what is cooking in the field of architecture. The idea is to provide a better, simpler and more direct communication with our clients about what we are doing.

SIEBERT + TALAŠ chose the hard way when developing the new website. It took more than a year to create a concept in an international cooperation with our partner, 365 PLAYGROUND, which helped to form the content and give direction. However, there was an integral part of the whole process that was something more - SIEBERT + TALAŠ had to re-define their market position, thus they decided to modify their portfolio of projects and prioritize a few categories, which helped to shift their focal point to a new ambition i.e. becoming an international partner in architecture. The finishing touches to the artistic design/layout were in the hands of ad1, which provided a clear and simple functionality of the website.

SIEBERT + TALAŠ would like to thank all their partners for their cooperation and most of all, for their patience because being creative means that our ideas needed long and thorough discussions which brought us to this result. The whole process made us realize who we are as architects and what is our mission and vision. That is why we are very thankful to our partners.

Website concept:      365 Playground /

Website design:        ad1 /