Location: Chorvatsky Grob
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2007
Basic data: 110,000 m2

Competition 1st Place
Client: Europolis D61 Logistics
S+T Team: Juraj Talas, Svetlana Zimanova, Matej Siebert

A complex of logistics warehouses and light production halls with additional food facilities is a result of a winning entry in an architectural competition.

Projected construction "EUROPOLIS D61 Logistics" is located near the eastern boundary of the Capital Bratislava, in the border region, where Slovakia meets with Hungary and Austria, in terms of wider territorial relations of this special location.

Halls A - D have, in accordance with typological requirements of the logistics storage, a rectangular floor plan with a proven modular composition of vertical structure from reinforced concrete 12 x 24 m. The load bearing skeleton is covered with a smart skin – a prefabricated panel façade perforated with polycarbonate openings, shaded / this allows for placing office, social and technical facilities housed in a single storey build-in areas, located along the halls.

Inside the area artificial lakes are designed, which simultaneously serve as an open surface water reservoir for fire tank and natural management of rain water as well, improving the new neighbor environment.
The campus is completed by green spaces. Selections of greenery have been designed in accordance with local flora and affiliated with a regional bio-corridors routed along the watercourse Čierna voda. The security road along the plot is open to the public – as a free in-line skating ring.