Location: Presovska, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2004
Construction start: 2007
Completion: 2009
Basic data: 278 Appartments / 42.000 m2
Budget: 300 mio €
Client: (a Group of Investors)
Structural Engineer: Bitterer 

S+T Team: Andrej Mankovecky, Juraj Talas, Imrich Ehrenberger, Peter Medla, Lukas Zeleny, Adam Dzamba, Jana Medlova, Michal Makara, Marek Ortuta Jarmila Vajdova, David Alena, Ludmila Sirova, Veronika Polacekova, Marian Vido, Miroslava Janigova, Marek Danis, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas, Veronika Streicher
M+E: FELS, P. Lesko
Fire protection: L. Vyrubal
Landscape Architect: Katarina Serbinova
Media: ASB Magazine, 2009


Eden Park is a Multifunctional development, with xxx apartments; it is representative of large scale residential projects in Bratislava. The aim was to create more for customers + daylight legal limitations + hard price /building costs conditions which brought a unique design more in spatial qualities rather than extraordinary materials. Radical shaping of the building is a result of thinking between daylight regulations and the search of spatial forming.

CONFIGURATION house comes from the local regulatory rules of daylight law, opposite angles near homes shielding itself defines the figure of the house, which resembles a large abstract animal, upper facades are better and the light illuminates the apartments and well. Generating a large number of variations of dwellings, from the smallest to the penthouses on the roof provides clients with the largest choices.

SIEBERT + TALAS have devoted a lot of focus on creating a disposition solution, so that each Apartment /despite of its various forms/ is perfect.

Philosophy, belief that product development is the apartment itself and to dedicated Great Enthusiasm. The result was IMPRESSIVE even after the real estate crisis in 2008, which hit the real estate market, flats sold very well and the result was a complete sell.