Alizé Boutique


Location: Eurovea, Bratislava                           

Country: Slovakia

Appointment: 2014

S+T Team: Richard Kralovic, Zuzana Vrablova

Basic data:  690 m2

Client:  Alizé s.r.o.

Author of textile tapestry: Lenka Srsnova

Photo credit: Pedro Pegenaute, Pegenaute studio SL




The new Alizé Boutique came into being by transforming three existing stores within Eurovea Shopping centre into one common retail space of 690 sqm where Alizé as an exclusive reseller of designer labels can offer fashion items by Valentino, Gucci, Dsquared2, Alexander McQueen, Versace, Bluemarine and Ermenegildo Zegna.

The aim was to create a retail space which customers would naturally feel inclined to enter by highlightingits elegant and inspirational features and at the same time which would function as a simple background for the articles of clothing on display.

The spatial concept is based on a combination of finely articulated abstract portals that are used to create a more comfortable and intimate space for each of the fashion labels.

Lightness, rationality and flexibility come to the foreground within the boutique layout where meticulously thought-through portal position intuitively defines zones for women’s, men’s and children's department.

In order to preserve the legibility and identity of the interior, the width of the side walls in each portal module provides sufficient room for the pendent constructions to be “hidden” behind it so that the clothing items hanging on display do not protrude into the inner space. As for the refinement of a spatial effect, some portals are fitted with mirrors from the inner side as a means to achieve a similar look comparable to the opened portals.

The whole design sets forth to create a timeless interior by applying a mixture of simple materials such as oak wood on parquet flooring, white and bronze polyrey finishes on the portals and shelves or uniformly matching black powder paint color on pendent constructions.

The wall behind the cashier counter comes to life thanks to a textile tapestry of 35 sqm with an original flower design made from artificial fleece material of different colors.