Location: Bali, Lombok, Tonga

Country: Indonesia, Polynesia

Appointment: 2014

Basic data: from 36 m2 till 180 m2

Client: 365 Playground

S+T Team: Matej Siebert, Roman Talas, Jolana Foglova, Jana Slobodníková, Timea Farago

 „Bionic shell structure“ was designed for 365 playground as a fantasy holiday escape or a place for living in tropical paradise on Earth providing a unique experience - living in a shell or egg-like home. 

Houses of various sizes and with varying features could be situated on the tropical coast of Tonga, along the rivers and terraced slopes of Bali or on any other tropical beach in Oceania. Surrounded by lush green forests close to water these homes invite guests to immerse themselves into the beautiful natural scenery while enjoying comfort and luxury, like an oversized bathroom, swimming pool and spa area.

Several homes at Village would be available for purchase or occasional rental from their respective owners. Despite being hidden in the jungle, restaurants and other services provided at Village supply everything one needs, including snacks, fruits and drinks. Other available services include massages, yoga tuition, car or boat rental with a driver and specialized guided tours. Many houses have WIFI and satellite TV and are located a 10-minute walking distance from the Village center. It is truly an ideal place to stay with family, explore different sporting activities and simply enjoy life.


The shell or egg-shaped structure gives the homes an organic touch. Moreover, the bionic form is projected in the design of all interior and exterior elements and features.

The concept combines all architectural innovations, sustainable principles and artisan local craftsmanship integrating everything that a relaxing holiday should offer: a combination of chic style, elegance, high quality and comfort. 

Living in paradise on Earth in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere is surely an ideal place to stay with family, explore different sporting activities and simply enjoy life.


unique bionic form _ shell _ egg

integrated in nature

lush greenery & hillside location

sea view & seaside location

interior and exterior connection

unique interior forms

XXXL bathroom & spa & pool

privacy and safety

100% comfort & services

luxurious materials