Location: Dubravka, Bratislava

Country: Slovakia

Appointment: 2011

Basic data: 125 m2

Budget: 0.125 mio €

Client: Private Person

Collaborating Architect / International Architect:

S+T Team: Roman Talas, Karla Chebenova, Roman Dibarbora, Richard Kralovic

Strong idea, spatial quality, fast construction, natural light and wood, not omitting the role of  the wise client form the ingredients here. Thought as an extension of residential function of adjacent family house and given the clients’ interests like dance and photography, the project responds to the wish of variable space design.

On the ground floor, an open space with dimensions nine by nine metres without any constructional impediment lit by the south and south - west sun. Above, on the gallery two bedrooms to offer relax and rest to its inhabitants or visitors.

The concept has led us to a very simplistic constructional solution allowing SIEBERT + TALAŠ nevertheless to create a harmonious and touching interior space.