Location: Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2004
Construction start: 2004
Completion: 2008
Basic data: 781 m2
Budget: Confidential

Client: Private Person
S+T Team: Slavomir Valigursky, Martin Marusinec, Peter Medla, Lukas Zeleny, Michal Makara, Jana Medlova, Alexandra Mitlikova, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas,
Media: Atrium magazine, 2009

White walls have always been, and still are the prerogative of most modest and most luxurious architectural achievements of man. Naked and true, embody the feeling of perfect purity.

The SIEBERT + TALAŠ studio emerged from white paper models of a new form of urban villa.

The Vila M has its own culture and special standards, spectacular spaces are adequately sized social status of successful owners. White plaster has been used in order to not camouflages the luxury inside, simple moderation is an expression of the inner feelings of its owners. Long-term process design, planning and construction of the house in one of the most attractive sites in Bratislava brought an unconventional villa, an elegant building with technological arsenal worthy of the 21st century.

Beautiful land and the initial capital promised an interesting reference and considerable creative rein.

Through a small vestibule we enter directly into the entrance gallery with open staircase, where the internal space opens up in all directions. Vertically through the staircase over three floors, roof skylight, horizontally across the living room and glazed walls to the distant horizon of the capital. The ground shape is unusually an amorphous nature, which corresponds to the internal shift control rooms. They grew by word of architects and visual shaped house from the inside out: the very beginning was the question of how to bring home the slope and at the same time open the city. We liked the idea of ​​snail shells, which gradually transformed into an abstract spiral scheme. This allowed individual compartments proportionally adjusting its function. 

The basement floor, unofficially nest homeowner is reserved for relaxation and social activities. We find a gym and swimming pool with Jacuzzi, game room and guest rooms with fully glazed front wall with direct access to the garden. Intermediate input deck evoked by the proportions of the house of art imbued with white light images of famous Slovak artists harmoniously counter the expressive architectural sculptures cantilevered staircase. The top floor is a night quiet zone for a three-member family. Parents bedroom and study, two bathrooms and a children's room is an observation tower during the day, at night the necessary intimacy is provided by an elegant system of aluminum blinds.

Land with beautiful views of Bratislava are in fact associated with exceptionally high resolution, which in this case meant considerable technological interventions into the hillside. Loose cubic meters of soil served to build artificial terraces so that domestic obstacles are missing from the lawn and patio or kitchen having an unobstructed view of the city skyline from the comfort of home interior. The building has a sculptural addition to exclusive visual appearance and technologically sophisticated heating and cooling system of the individual internal zones. The green roof is another asset of the detailed townhouse, which eventually accretes to rise naturally as the coral reefs. Humbly looking white walls of the living space have considerable ambitions difference from the usual production of urban villas that can be found. The villa became an original, a kind of large residential jewel.