Location: Semilonska, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2008
Construction start: 2009
Completion: 2010

Basic data: 200 m2
Client: Private Person
S+T Team: Matej Siebert
Media: HOMIE 2011

The Client was fascinated from his childhood with the beauty of the German interwar modernistic Villas and he grew up in a similar house.

As he says : "Maybe because I have a relationship with the German interwar avant-garde with Mies van den Rohe`s Villa Tugendhat, I like its different dimension of work with space and light, reconciliation with the simplicity of expression, a consistent finding of purity, self-conscious sense of order and at the same time definition of the concept of individual freedom versus social conventions. I like the ease and at the same time as a monumental force what amounts. "

Realizing that what really needs to live, are the really little things, but must be of good quality. It is his personal definition of minimalism. The primary is not art, but FUNCTIONAL purity in conjunction with personal feelings, self sufficiency rate, comfort, and luxury. This Credo has become getting rid of the useless. And in everything - available in the form in search of beauty, in the amount of useless corridor space, unnecessary load-bearing columns and walls, minimizing on the minimum necessary dimension.

A search for new simplicity has resulted in a box of 10x10 m, with carefully programmed space. The square floor plan is symmetrically divided to four equal parts, “kitchen” , sitting , study and background / on the floor are three bedrooms and a large bathroom . Depending on the position and orientation to the sun each room receives its own function. Since light can only come from two sides, the entire width of both facades have windows. Light coupled to the skylight, which is located in the middle of the staircase. This concept lead to minimizing of the space, and smaller total volume of the house, which brings efficiency to the building and operating costs as well.

Matej Siebert says: "On the contrary to the strict geometry, We always expect- and design constantly changing and improving of Client`s needs. A House must be able to absorb such changes. We always try to take the client into the process of creation. From the beginning, together with us, he must learn to be able to decide between possibilities. If the Final design is formed with himself, the result weighs a lot more. Finally, this belief has brought our Client`s sense of satisfaction with the new house. "