Location: Jaskov rad / Prazska, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2008
Client: NGO Mestske Zasahy

S+T Team: Ondrej Horvath, Andrej Mankovecky, Michal Zak, Alena Pecikova, Martin Marusinec, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas,
Media: Mestske zasahy (book), Slovart, 2011

Urban Interventions project, initiated by a group of architects in support of its community, was a great success and has spurred public interest in architecture and urban planning.
SIEBERT + TALAŠ have participated with a proposal of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over a key city transport artery, and proposed to combine two residential neighborhoods currently cut off from each other to help connect one of the oldest local city parks and the nature area of the Male Karpaty.
The circular shape was chosen as an expression of the idea of movement and it expresses a slow (recreational) movement with the view of the busy railway station.