Location: Santa Cruz
Country: Tenerife, Spain
Appointment: 2010

Client: metro tenerife
S+T Team: Miguel Garcia, Zuzana Kralovicova, Ondrej Horvath, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas

The Municipality of Tenereife faced the long term dilemma of providing a solution to serious problem of Traffic. The proposal represented the solving of the daily commute of the labor force from the northern side of the island to the hotel complex on the southern side in the form of public transport by train. The first phase represented the southern route from the city of Santa Cruz from the west.

The Santa Cruz station will be one of the main stations. SIEBERT + TALAŠ designed a solution for tight spaces with optimal operational relationships, allowing connection without conflict to the railway station and the adjacent bus terminal.

The SIEBERT + TALAŠ design received 2nd Place in the international competition.