Location: Racianska – Skultetyho, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2011
Basic data: 61,000 m2
Invited Competition

S+T Team: Slavomir Valigursky, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas, Marek Ortuta, Alena Pecikova, Erik Horak, Roman Dibarbora, Richard Kralovic

Project Slovany is located in the midtown area - its location is destined to a quality housing urban type. It directly affects the important city street, Racianska, a significant part of the territor, however, is in the inner block, which allows you to create a quiet oasis in the busy city center.

SIEBERT + TALAŠ proposed a solution that best evokes the diversity of urban structure and to create the optimum cavities . Individual houses are thus optimally in plan form, allowing to tailor the size of the desired mix of housing, along with good layout, orientation to the sun and sea.

SIEBERT + TALAŠ long examines and evaluates the percentage of residential projects in the domestic market. One of the important parameters influencing the decision is negative feeling of a " big house ". Therefore, our strategy uses the principle of breaking down into smaller units, more acceptable and more visually evoking the feeling of a " smaller house", which is naturally more desirable. One of the keys to the success of residential projects is its inner block. Seemingly a trivial thing, green area of underground parking, a small playground, old trees along. However, it is open to all mothers with children that can play without unnecessary barriers .

BYT = produce a product that creates / and which are sold / is a particular apartment. It may be good or bad - the good is easy to sell and usually well served by its inhabitants. A quality apartment affects many parameters: right size, subdivisions, short hallway and large living spaces, plenty of light, nice balcony ... Therefore, we focused on the details. Based on our experience, - at the time of the real estate crisis – they were particularly good selling apartments. Balance for the different apartments are designed in the framework of individual objects - each story contains different sizes of apartments. Comfortable and standard apartments are concentrated in separate objects, especially in quiet inner block.